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Initial Press Release

November 14, 2011

Gaston Lifestyles Magazine is pleased to announce that its inaugural magazine will be out January 2012.  This Lifestyles Magazine will be published by Mo Ally who currently publishes the international magazine, American Cricketer Magazine, The Lifestyle Magazine for Cricket Fans. 


Gaston Lifestyles will be a quarterly publication with an initial printing of 7,500 copies.  It will be distributed throughout Gaston County for free.  Mo Ally, Publisher, who recently moved to Gaston County, thinks Gaston County is the friendliest place to live, work, play and visit.


It has state of the art healthcare facilities, good schools, cultural arts, fabulous parks and unique downtowns that make it possible to enjoy living at its best. Gaston County is located west of Charlotte with major thoroughfares such as I-85, I-77, SR-74 making it possible to move fluidly around the county.  The Charlotte Douglas International Airport is within minutes from any part of the county.


Our goal is to uplift the community and showcase our vast cultural richness.  Gaston Lifestyles will cover its people, arts, entertainment, travel, social and fashion.  We sincerely hope that Gaston Lifestyles Magazine will be the magazine about and for the county.

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